Monday, April 8, 2013

spring clean

Ryno spent most of his weekend wrapping up the remaining pieces of his beehive, while I knocked out a little Spring cleaning. I only made a small dent in the work, because I decided to finally take on the challenge of sorting through the one hundred compact discs we have been moving with us since college. I had a bunch filled with design projects from school, and Ryno had some old work saved to his half of the stack. Pulling files from old cd's is super boring, but I really want to ship them all off to the recycling center at the same time...yes, I have to ship them. I figured since I was finally going through them I should research how to properly dispose of them. It turns out for those of us in Texas they recommend using the CD Recycling Center of America and shipping it to their facility in Los Angeles. Here are a few helpful sites with great tips for Spring cleaning too. Have you started your Spring cleaning?

via Martha Stewart
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