Thursday, May 30, 2013

schools out for summer

While driving home today I saw several packs of high schools students heading to the pool. It completely brought me back to that feeling of my summer before college. I remember the uncertainty; not knowing what college would be like and trying so hard to appreciate that last summer at home. It was such a strange time, the realization that I would be leaving everyone I had grown up with and moving to a state where I knew absolutely no one. At the same time, I was so energized that summer, because I couldn't wait to move to Georgia and start college. In the end it's where I met Ryno and some amazing friends that have become like family to us. I hope you are enjoying your start of summer. I'm looking forward to the lazy days I intend to spend on a picnic blanket with Ryno and Elton.

senior skip day
senior prom

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