Friday, August 9, 2013


Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I had some technical issues with an odd error message that seems to have resolved itself. Anyway, it's been a very busy week. My parents moved to Austin! It was really exciting to come home from work this week and have them pop over to our place to hang out. Considering they've been in Virginia for the past nine years it's never been a possibility for them to just "pop over" to see us.

We're having a belated birthday celebration for my dad tomorrow, and we are hoping to catch up with some friends this weekend. Otherwise, the plan for Ryno and I will just be soaking in summer. It seems that August always sneaks up on us, and I never feel like we have taken full advantage of the summer. Last summer we didn't make it to the pool until August. Sadly, the same is true again this summer, so checking out a local pool is on my list for the weekend. Of course, our kick off to summer seems to be perfectly timed with the release of the new Washed Out album, Paracosm. Ernest Greene's description of the album he set out to create sounds like ideal summer music to me. He told Sub Pop Records that he "just imagined being outside, surrounded by a beautiful environment. The video definitely offers the beautiful environment partnered with his song "Don't Give Up." I hope you enjoy it, and if you do the album is available for pre-release at Sub Pop.

ps- I added a pic of the cover, because it's lovely!

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