Tuesday, September 3, 2013


We had a lovely if not somewhat lazy, long weekend. The big highlights were attending the cactus and succulent show at the botanical gardens, introducing my family to the British Sci-fi comedies starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost with a viewing of The World's End, and successfully conducting a hive inspection in one hundred degrees (that was all Ryno). We've been talking about the succulent and cactus show for the past three years, but never made it on our own. Since my parents were already going, we decided to tag along. It also allowed us to revisit the gardens, which we had only seen one other time (also in 100 degree temperatures). I think the lesson I learned last time we went to the gardens was "wear floppy hats." Next time I'll try to remember the best plan is to go when it's cooler. I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend too!

photos of our trip to the Zilker Botanical Gardens

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