Tuesday, November 19, 2013

oh november!

Everyone talked about October flying by, but honestly I've completely lost hold of November. I can't believe Black Friday is next week! Ryno and I have been trying to put some good habits into practice, which I think is partially to blame for my absence. We're trying to have a set date night once a week...sometimes we even sneak in two! I've put together a date night jar with ideas of things we love doing together or things we've wanted to try. We're planning to test it out this week; I'll let you know if it works well. Also, we read it's good for you to shut off all screens at least an hour before bed to give your body time to adjust from the artificial light, so we're trying that out as well. I'm particularly enjoying that one so far. The last big thing is we finally had a housewarming in our new place. It was a lot of work that resulted in me cooking thirty baked potatoes, but we had so much fun! I read the suggestion once to have a loaded potato bar and allow friends to decide on their toppings. It worked really well, and allowed us to accommodate vegetarian/vegan friends, which is always my biggest concern when coming up with a menu for a party. It was great spending time with friends in our new space, and we hope to do so more often now that we're settled.

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