Monday, February 3, 2014

happy February!

No excuses, I've been completely absent from all of you for awhile now. I'm very excited to be back! I hope to post frequently again now that we're through the holidays. I'm also going to attempt to create an actual structure here for the week as well as share blogs that I follow. It turns out that some of my dear friends have their own blogs now, and even if I don't personally know a blogger I still love to share everything that is inspiring me with all of you so what better way than a blog love list!

Now a quick recap of December and January! I'll go into everything in some greater detail in the next couple weeks, but for now here's what we've been up to lately.

holiday card photos

holidays in our new home with family

new year's parties

birthday celebrations... 

We call it the birthday week, since our birthdays are so close together. Ryno and I decided to plan an adventure for our birthdays. We enjoyed a week in San Francisco followed by a few days in Texas hill country with my family. Ryno surprised me with a ukelele!

glass blowing classes

decorating our home

 And Ryno's carpenter brother made this with a friend... impressive, right?

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