Friday, March 28, 2014

she and him

I never realized how many videos She & Him made for their albums. I always thought only the title songs would have videos, but there appear to be quite a few. Tonight I came across the video for "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?" and thought it was quirky and fun. Plus Joseph Gordon Levitt is in it, and I think he and Zoe are always an entertaining duo. Hope you enjoy! Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Somehow Wednesday crept up on me, and I am only just getting back into the weekly routine today. Over the weekend we attended opening night for Texas Roller Derby aka TXRD. We went to the banked track to watch the Hellcats, which was really entertaining. Then today I met a friend for coffee at the new Tom's store, which also has a cafe attached to it. The store layout and design was really beautiful, and I was excited to run into an old co-worker who is part of the team at Tom's. Ryno and I are also starting to pull together some recipes to take advantage of our CSA shares from Green Gate Farms. We had some lovely cabbage, radishes and green onions that we used with our standby vegetarian taco recipe...yum!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

before midnight

Did you ever watch Before Sunrise and Before Sunset? The most recent part of the series, Before Midnight, released last June. I thought it was a great continuation of the story, and particularly enjoyed the set and scenery. Here are a few shots from the movie I find inspirational.




Wednesday, March 19, 2014

mad skills

I mentioned that Ryno and I attended a glass blowing class last month gifted to us by his parents. We had so much fun, and we were excited to pick up our finished pieces last weekend. We both made a paperweight, ornament and bowl or glass. I made the white and gold paperweight, and Ryno made the blue and orange one. In the following photos my pieces are on the right and his on the left. It's hard to understand the scale of the ornaments, but they are substantial ornaments. They were our first attempt to use the blowing technique, so both of our ornaments are incredibly heavy due to our inability to properly distribute the liquid glass. Also, it's hard to tell in this shot, but Ryno's ornament is shaped just like an apple. It looks very fairytale-like... I love it!

ps- we went to classes at Glass Blowing Austin if you're interested; we had an amazing experience!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


A few months ago I had a dream that Ryno and I had the sweetest array of potted plants in our bedroom. Just our room with a shelf full of plants; it was the type of dream that when you wake up from it you're disappointed it was only a dream. It seemed easy enough to turn into a reality, so ever since then we've been making a greater effort with the plants we own as well as adding more. We've added a few more interior plants and a couple terrariums. What I would really love would be to pop in a few larger house plants, however, it's important to me that the containers are leak proof and stylish. Here are a few containers I've pulled for inspiration.


Amsterdam modern

ferm living

Monday, March 17, 2014

sxsw 2014

You may (or may not) have noticed, but I've updated the look of paperwildflower. I've also added links to pinterest, tumblr and some sites I follow on the regular. I'd like to make a few more tweaks that will hopefully personalize this space even more. I've been sharing here for some time now, and it just felt like everything could use a little freshness. Please reach out if I've changed something you loved or there is something you'd like me to add.

Now down to the weekend recap. This weekend was the wrap up for sxsw in Austin. Ryno and I caught the Jake Bugg show at Waterloo Records Saturday. The show started and ended early due to Jake having to catch a flight back to London. Since we had extra time after the show, we decided to walk around Sixth Street.

Also, last week my sister and I kicked off sxsw by attending the BJ Novak book signing at Book People. His reading was really well done, and we had a lot of fun meeting him. It was my first ever book signing, so I really had no idea what to expect. I thought he did a great job selecting his readings, and the q&a was very funny as one would imagine.

Friday, March 7, 2014

george strait

To celebrate the Austin rodeo kicking off this weekend, I thought I would share a classic George Strait song. Little did I know George Strait has a video of his famous song "Amarillo By Morning" with footage of a rodeo. Easiest Friday song choice ever!

Austin is really busy with the rodeo, SXSW and the kite festival all starting or being held this weekend. Hope you all have a great weekend ahead!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

thanks vanity fair

Ryno and I watched the Oscars on Sunday as I'm sure a few of you did too. I thought it was entertaining this year, and had a few fun little mishaps to keep it interesting...thanks Travolta. Today, I came across these post Oscars portraits that I thought were really well done by Vanity Fair. They had photographer, Mark Seliger, take portraits at their after-party and shared them via Instagram. Here are my favorites...

via vanityfair on instagram