Wednesday, April 23, 2014

diy invisible trellis

This Spring we refreshed our yard with the help of a friend. She planted Wisteria and Climbing Roses to grow on our fence. Then Ryno and I added blackberries to grow along another fence line. I spent Sunday constructing invisible trellises from eye hooks and wire. It was a very straight forward process that only required a few tools. I found inspiration for patterns here.

  • drill with correct bit size
  • level
  • wire cutters
  • eye hooks or bolts
  • galvanized wire

1. gather tools, 2. mark out points following along with your design, 3. insert eye bolts 4. tighten bolts from the back side of the fence, 5. run wire through the eye bolts and twist it to secure, 6. tape plants to trellis

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