Friday, May 2, 2014

sarah siskind

Ryno and I celebrated our anniversary this week. We had a great time with a little trip to Wimberley and San Marcos, which are both less than an hour drive from Austin. We strolled around the town squares popping in the various shops, and I found an artist named Tom Darrah that I quickly became enamored with his work. The gallery owner joked they call him the "cloud painter" which is very fitting as he paints beautiful clouds into his landscapes.

Now for the music this week I want to share a song from the show Nashville.  The music for the show is extremely well done, but the song I'm currently obsessed with is "A Life That's Good." They recently filmed live performances of the songwriters and actors performing together at the Ryman in Nashville. The show ended with the entire group coming out to sing "A Life That's Good." Unfortunately, that's part of the entire episode (you can watch it here and skip to the last 5 minutes), but they did film a shortened clip of the songwriter, Sarah Siskind, performing it solo. The message speaks to a good life spent loving and enjoying what you have in life. To me it's the perfect message for an anniversary week; I hope you enjoy it too!

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