Monday, June 23, 2014


We traveled to New Orleans last week to celebrate Ryan's aunt's birthday and enjoy a mini holiday together. Ryno had never been to New Orleans before, so it was exciting to show him around some of the places I visited as a kid while living in Baton Rouge. We also made a pit stop to see the old Baton Rouge home; it's funny how something can look so different yet also be very familiar.

Our schedule for the weekend was fairly simple and relaxed, which is our ideal way to see a city. We drove from Austin, picked up Ryno's aunt and enjoyed our first dinner in the Garden District. The next day we spent in and around the French Quarter seeing all the "must-see" sites. On Saturday we stayed in the Garden District and enjoyed a self-guided walking tour of homes.

For me one of the unexpected and happy additions to the trip was running into an old friend who was also visiting NOLA over the weekend. Also, on the way home we intentionally ran into another set of friends to watch team USA play Portugal in the World Cup over dinner.

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