Thursday, July 24, 2014

austin monthly

Ryno and I have found the strategy that works best for us is he primarily cooks, and I do most of the grocery shopping. We certainly lend each other a hand with said tasks as needed, but as a general rule this system is the simplest. When we lived in Alabama I very much enjoyed grocery shopping, because the store was empty no matter when I went to shop. However, in Austin I have yet to find an empty grocery store or even one with light traffic. As a way to encourage myself to go I sometimes offer myself a reward. It can be a wide variety of things, but I try to keep it around five dollars or less. Sometimes I buy flowers for the house, other times a cold beverage, but the prevailing winner of my "reward" system is a magazine. We don't have any magazine subscriptions, so every now and then an article catches my eye and I'm hooked. Today, my magazine of choice was Austin Monthly magazine. I'm excited to dive into the headline article "Austin Hidden Gems." I'll let you know if I find anything exciting to share!

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