Wednesday, April 22, 2015

compost pedallers

Happy Earth Day everyone! Earth Day has always been one of those events that I really enjoy. While we try to be environmentally conscious throughout the year, I like to see Earth Day as an added challenge to myself to think of a creative way to positively impact the environment. Something that Ryno and I have been really interested in for awhile, but never successfully established for ourselves is composting. Last week my mom recommended that we look into a local composting program that uses bicycles to pick up composting bins. As it turns out Compost Pedallers does offer the service in our neighborhood, so we signed up. We watched a couple of their informational videos about their program, and I couldn't be more excited! They even compost things like dryer lint, toilet paper rolls and pizza boxes. As a member of their program you have an online stat sheet that lets you know how much waste you have saved from landfills and how much compost you have created through your collection. I really can't wait to start getting our stats!

Check out the informational videos about the program here:

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