Wednesday, April 8, 2015

gregory crewdson

When you're small, a favorite question in school is "What would be your super power?" Ever since I can remember my answer has remained the same, I would like to be able to share the pictures I see in my head. As a kid that meant a literal snapshot somehow developing out of my ear or a Polaroid popping out when I blinked. As I grew older it merged into telepathy with a printer or computer screen. My sketching has never been as strong as I would like, and I always found that nothing represented my ideas as clearly as a photograph. Unfortunately, the beauty of the images in my head is they were usually unlike anything I encountered in life and therefore were unable to be captured. For me that is the magical appeal of the photographer Gregory Crewdson. I mentioned here before that I was first introduced to his work in a college photography class. Since that post I've been able to see the Ben Shapiro documentary featuring Crewdson's process, Gregory Crewdson Brief Encounters. His process is so unique; it is a perfect blending of photography and film production.

I was reminded of my previous discussion of Crewdson's work by a member of an online artist website, They approached me about sharing their artist biography and articles discussing Crewdson. After visiting their site, I was very inspired by the work they present and wanted to share a few of their articles about him. The two below are my personal favorites. Enjoy!

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