Thursday, June 11, 2015

one thousand places

I'm a huge fan of lists of all varieties. I enjoy making lists, combing through lists and in particular checking off items on lists. So when I received the book, 1,000 Places To See Before You Die from a friend I was thrilled. Although I received the book several years ago, I only recently dedicated the time necessary to go through page by page and highlight the places I've already visited. The chance to check off items on a list brought a wide smile to my face, while also making me acutely aware of how many places I still want to explore. I was very fortunate in college and was able to spend a summer abroad. My favorite countries that summer were Italy, Spain, England and Ireland. I loved spending time around the coastlines or on the water which we did a lot of in Venice. Now that I've checked off what I've seen it's time to start the lists of places we hope to still explore. I'll be sure to share as we develop those more.

friends in Mallorca and Wicklow

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