Wednesday, June 17, 2015

skin deep

I think by now everyone is well aware I have a slight addiction to Sephora. I have to say that the point incentives they offer are pure genius. I absolutely love earning enough points to select a free item from their samples of the month. The idea that I can get a sample size of a new mascara, lipgloss or fragrance is completely thrilling to me. After reading an article that discussed requesting actual samples at Sephora, aka those not given through points, but rather through tiny plastic containers that hold a nickel sample size, I have been introduced to a ton of new products. Sometimes I go in really wanting to try something specific. Other times I ask whoever is helping me what their favorite product is in the store. I have to admit it's really blown my world open. My newest addiction that I discovered through samples and a very helpful Sephora employee is FIRMx Peeling Gel by Peter Thomas Roth. I was a bit skeptical at first, but the sample went a long way so I've been able to tell that it really has benefited my skin. Being of the fair-skinned complexion it's helpful to fight sun damage as much as possible, and I liked the suggestion I read to use this gel on my hands and neck as well as my face. I haven't invested in the full tube yet as my sample keeps on going, but I plan to on my next stop into the store. If you need more convincing check out Refinery 29's discussion and Beauty Test Lab for the gel as well.

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