Tuesday, June 16, 2015

the royal we

Reading has become my summer passion. It helps that the weather has been dreary here, and this week we have a tropical storm coming into town. Time I would typically be outside, or more specifically at a pool, I've spent curled up with a stack of books. It has honestly felt like a childhood luxury and made the stints between work feel like a true summer of my youth. Currently, I'm plowing through the Go Fug Yourself ladies' book The Royal We. Morgan and Cocks did a wonderful job writing a story that seems just different enough from Kate and Wills to be entertaining, but still allows you to picture Prince Harry every time you read the name Freddie. I have about a quarter left to read, but have enjoyed it so much to this point I felt I could recommend it as a fantastic summer read! What have you been reading this summer?


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