Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Western Texas

We drove out to New Mexico through Midland, TX, so we decided we would follow I-10 on the way back to get another view. This allowed us to explore a few cities in Texas we originally didn't plan time to see. The only down side was we didn't have lodging set up, so we chose to use Hotels Tonight. It worked out really well for a larger city like El Paso, but less so in the smaller towns. The first night back in Texas we stayed in El Paso. We both found it kind of wild that you can see Juarez from the interstate in El Paso. I've still never been to Mexico, so anytime I get a glimpse of it I find it exciting. We checked into our hotel and grabbed dinner at L&J Cafe. The place was a cute little bar style restaurant off of the city cemetery. I really enjoyed their neon sign, and we had excellent service. After dinner we went to see Inside Out at a nearby movie theatre. We both love movies, and it's something we really enjoy doing whenever we visit a new city. As it is typically locals only you get a bit of an insiders look at the city.

The next morning we followed I-10 out of town and headed for Balmorhea for a swim in the natural spring at Balmorhea State Park. After cooling down in the spring we headed South to Alpine. Ryno found a converted motel for us to stay in our last night on the road. It's called The Maverick Inn: A Roadhouse for Wanderers. It was really charming with real keys for your room key and Western styling throughout the property. That night we drove out to Marfa for dinner and up to the McDonald Observatory for their Fourth of July Star Party. They do the Star Parties on most weekend nights, and it's an amazing visual tour of the night sky. Their facility is set up high and is one of the darkest remaining skies in the US. They also have telescopes set up around the property, so we were able to view the rings of Saturn and a couple of star nebula as well as the Milky Way without a telescope. It was by far our favorite part of the trip, and I would highly recommend checking it out if you ever find yourself somewhere near El Paso. The next morning we were up early and on the road back to Austin. We had a great time exploring, and I'm looking forward to planning our next road trip!

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