Friday, September 30, 2011

dirty rain

I apologize for being a bit of a recluse lately. I've had a general feeling of ickiness since Tuesday and work was pretty much the only thing I was able to push through this week. However, after a somewhat rough evening last night, I feel much better today...thank goodness! So I thought I would share some of the things I have been obsessing over. Most recently I have watched a lot of British tv including Downton Abbey & Dr. Who. I love them both! Downton is a period piece while Dr. Who is a sci-fi series, so they are pretty much opposites. Except, of course for the British thing, which is a big part of what I love. British books, television and movies are sort of my Achilles heel. Then there is the new Ryan Adams album Ashes & Fire. You can listen to all of it here on NPR. I've also included Dirty Rain as my music pick for the week. I hope you enjoy it!

Ryno and I are going for pizza on Eastside with Elton and meeting up with some friends. Then we have Elton's play date this weekend too. I am really looking forward to it, since we went last weekend and realized it was the wrong day...oops. Elton still had a great time, but I can't wait to see all the little Bostons. Have a lovely weekend!

Monday, September 26, 2011

company and festivals

It's only Monday and it's already been a busy week. I left work, picked up Elton and Ryno and we headed to a friend's place. I helped her gather some inspiration and ideas for displaying the jewelry she designs. Her stuff is really lovely. It was a lot of fun just to throw around some ideas and play with some pieces she had collected for the display.

Ryno's parents were visiting this past weekend, and we had a lot of fun checking out all the festivals and the free museum day happening over the weekend. We finally made it to the Blanton, which I really enjoyed. The museum itself is really pretty and it has a nice collection. We also went to the Pecan Street Festival, which is held on 6th Street. It is an art and music festival. Ryno's mom and I walked along the booths until it got too hot for Elton. She bought me a Mexican Chocolate and Spice soap that smells delicious. We also went kayaking on the lake; the weather was perfect for it. Elton jumped in the water three times! He doesn't seem to learn the water is freezing cold. The big event though, was Esther's Follies. It is a local comedy show that is comprised of a lot of skits with some audience participation. We chose seats in the back, since no one in our group really wanted to end up on stage. We all laughed a lot, and it was lots of fun all around.

photos at the Blanton

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

from the heart

The other night at trivia Ryan noticed a surprise in his glass. Isn't it sweet? Of course, I made him take a picture with the foamy heart.

Also, I wanted to say thank you to the dear friends that helped us with our move this weekend! It was so great to see everyone, and your help packing meant a lot to us!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


We spent the weekend in Alabama packing up our old house. We are finally back in Texas after some chaos at the Houston airport. We actually were those people running between the gates, which is something I've never done before. In the end we made it there Saturday rather than Friday. We still had time to stop by our favorite spots & see Ryan's grandparents. I was so surprised at how much cotton there is this year.

Friday, September 16, 2011

sending happy wishes

My mom's birthday was earlier this week. I thought it would be fun to send her happy birthday wishes with my music post, since I think it is the most fun! While I bet she doesn't even remember doing this, I can still remember her singing Rawhide to me and my sister when I was 8. We had just moved to Illinois and I think the context was possibly that we were all supposed to be helping with the chores by cleaning our rooms and such. Either way it made us laugh a lot, and I had never heard the song before. So it is one of those things that will always make me think of her and that moment. Happy birthday Mom, I hope this is more flattering than bizarre!

We are off to the start of a busy weekend. I will share the details next week. I hope you all have a great weekend!

A few photos of Mom and Dad in the 70's when they were first married.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

disco decor

Ryno and I skipped our bike ride tonight to stay home and wrap up some details for our weekend plans. Which meant watching a movie while doing laundry. We watched Back to the Future. I hadn't seen it since I was a kid, and I forgot how awesome it is. I especially love the Enchantment Under the Sea dance and Lea Thompson's dress. Don't you love the glowing pink seashells as decor?

ps- Did you realize that the next movie they go to the future and the future is the year 2015? Kind of wild.


Keeping with the school dance theme, I thought I would share some great modern disco ball options. Not just the ones that act as a centerpiece for a dance floor, but disco ball style you can display and wear too!

Purple and Pink Disco Balls, 5x7 Photo Print, Matted to 8x10



Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the gallery

I'm a bit behind this week as I'm only getting to what we did this weekend today. Friday we went to an art opening at the Visual Arts Center on University of Texas' campus. A friend of a friend is exhibiting her photography there, and as it was opening night we thought it would be fun to check it out. To be completely honest I am more of a traditional art girl myself, so all of the exhibitions were a bit out of my comfort zone. Even so we had a lot of fun exploring and catching up with friends. I snapped a few photos, but if you are in the area the exhibits will be there through at least October.

Jamie Isenstein

Ezra Masch

Friday, September 9, 2011

a little hedgehog

Happy start to the weekend! I thought I would share this photo I came across on a friend's Pinterest. Have you ever seen anything so adorable? I guess I am behind the times, because I wasn't aware that people have hedgehogs as pets. I thought they were only found in the wild, but it turns out there are several domesticated hedgehog species.


Ryno and I are headed to an art opening this weekend and hopefully riding our bikes if it stays under a 100 degrees. My music pick this week is Closing Time by Semisonic. It unexpectedly popped up in our lives twice this week, so it just seemed like a necessary choice. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

what's in a name...necklace

The weather has finally cooled off a bit this week, now if only it would rain. Ryno and I are taking full advantage of being able to open the windows in the house again. And for some reason it has felt like the perfect time to delve back into the series, Sex In The City. I think some of it is the season. Early summer/late fall still reminds me of college and the start of the new school year. I was in college during the last four seasons of the show, and I remember large groups of my roommates and our friends gathering together to drink cosmopolitans while we watched the new episodes. It's wild to think the show started in 1998; it just sounds so long ago.

Source: HBO

While the clothes and shoes were always enviable on the show. The thing I most loved was the "Carrie" necklace SJP always wore. I spent most of college hunting for the name necklace in all the little boutiques around Atlanta. Do you remember the necklace? Did you ever have one? I never did find one myself, but they are readily available online. Here are some of my favorites.

Carrie Gold Plated Name Necklace with your name, any name of your choice, up to 7 letters
Source: bestnamenecklace

Source: thenamenecklace

And for something extra unique and less traditional Survival of the Hippest will make necklaces (they also have bracelets, tie clips and key chains) with your Twitter name. Essentially, the difference is you can include symbols in your name. I really love the bracelet and how delicate it looks.

Source: survivalofthehipppest

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

dog days

We celebrated Labor Day early with Ryno's brother and a few of his neighbors. We spent the entire afternoon outside with everyone and their dogs. Elton had what I am guessing is one of his best days ever.  He was showered with tons of attention and ran around non-stop. He also made himself a little girlfriend named Miles.

top photos via my android phone

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

texas wildfires

I hope everyone had a nice long weekend. For Ryno and me it was probably one of our oddest Labor Days to date. We woke up yesterday, turned on the news and saw that several of the areas surrounding Austin were on fire. We feel very fortunate that the fires near our home were contained fairly quickly. However, hundreds of homes were destroyed, most due to the fire in Bastrop.  The photo below shows the smoke from the Bastrop fire as seen in space. Austin Disaster Relief is working to collect donations as many homes were completely destroyed and most people were unable to take anything with them before they left.
Source: photo by NASA

Friday, September 2, 2011

free fallin'

If you have been following for awhile, you know that my childhood in the 80s inspired me to start my Friday music posts. I remember watching hours of music videos with my sister (she was obsessed with Aerosmith) on MTV. One of my favorite videos was Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers' Don't Come Around Here No More; it was the Alice In Wonderland inspired video. While I was searching through articles about Petty and his music today, I found this article about the song and its origins relating to Stevie Nicks and Dave Stewart, it was pretty interesting really.

Now back to why I chose Free Fallin' to share today. It is one of my favorite songs, and really reminds me of being a kid. If you watch the video you will see some of the amazing 80s fashions we all loved such as neon spandex and fanny packs. Also, I am pretty sure the video is shot, in part, at the mall used in the movie Clueless, which makes it all that much better. I hope you enjoy it. Have a lovely, long weekend!

ps- If you love Tom Petty too, you should definitely check out his video Into The Great Wide Open. It is the classic 80s/early 90s music video example. It has a truly famous cast starring Johnny Depp, Gabrielle Anwar, Faye Dunaway and Matt LeBlanc.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

the sweetness of tea

During my first year of school in Atlanta I quickly realized that sweet tea was the cold beverage of choice. However, I refused to try it for that entire first year. I was sure that I wouldn't like it, because I had never liked plain iced tea. Luckily for me I had a persistent roommate that was sure I would like it, and on the last day of class insisted that we celebrate with sweet tea and cookies at a little restaurant across the street from our dorm. She was right, I absolutely loved it and have been obsessed ever since.

In the four years Ryno and I have been married he has always made sweet tea for me (I tend to go a little heavier on the sugar if left to my own devices). He decided recently that we should try out some better quality teas, since we drink it so often. Through his research he found Mighty Leaf Tea Company and ordered us each our own tin of tea. It's kind of amazing how much better their tea tastes than the run-of-the-mill grocery store teas we have bought in the past. I definitely recommend their tea, and they also have some great teaware.

Iced tea is too pure and natural a creation not to have been
invented as soon as tea, ice and hot weather crossed paths. -John Egerton

I thought this was a great quote, and completely spot on. I don't think all of the heat we are having in Texas would be bearable without ice-cold sweet tea!