Monday, November 28, 2011

holiday preparations

A few weeks ago I won a Bucilla Christmas tree skirt kit from my first ever eBay bid. I was really excited, because when I first started thinking of what I needed to prepare for our first Christmas at home the tree skirt was at the top of my list. My mom sewed all of our stockings from Bucilla patterns when we were babies, so I wanted to make sure the tree skirt had the same happy, holiday feel that the stockings do. Ryno also has a Bucilla stocking that my mom, sister and I worked on together before his first Christmas at my parents' house. I really love them, and I remember always being so proud to hang my stocking as a kid (it was my favorite part). I was able to get started this weekend, but first I had to get a new pair of sewing scissors. I always start small sewing projects, but I thought since this was an heirloom type of project I should really invest in a good pair of scissors. This was just the excuse I have been waiting for to buy Gingher scissors; I practically skipped to the checkout counter! You can see in the last photo all the pieces included in the kit. The pattern is traced on the felt and numbered to coordinate with the one page instructions. I've started with the embroidery portion, and then I get to start cutting out the pieces! I can't wait to see it come together. I'll keep you posted as to how I'm progressing.

As for the rest of Thanksgiving, I took Elton on a lot of walks. We were able to watch lots of our neighbors' start decorating their houses for Christmas. The big meal I made for Thanksgiving was fish tacos. My family always does fajitas, so I opted to simplify it a bit. It was very delicious. I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving with your families and friends!

Friday, November 25, 2011

happy strangers

Yesterday, while I was becoming completely addicted to kickstarter, I came across a project I found really interesting. Katie O'Bierne is working on a photography project. She leaves disposable cameras around New York City parks. She takes a disposable camera to the park and ties it to a park bench with a note asking people to take a photograph. Her results are really lovely. I've always loved photography and wished that I had been brave enough to go that route. One of the things I find the most inspiring about her work is that she is able to photograph strangers without them giving that look that says "Why are you taking a photo of me?" Personally, I always found it hard to get a nice candid shot of complete strangers looking relaxed. Her photographs are just that, happy strangers. I also love that she has been able to inspire so many others to get involved with her project and now has cameras in parks all over the world. The ultimate goal of her project is to put on an art show of the work she has accumulated through the project. She is planning to have the show in New York, and I think it would be an amazing show to be able to attend. You can check out her photo series so far on her Tumblr page. I've also included a few my favorites. Would you participate if you found a camera in a park? If you are in New York, she hints as to where a few of the last cameras will be placed.

katie launching a camera

all photos from Katie O'Bierne

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I hope everyone stateside is having a wonderful Thanksgiving. As I mentioned yesterday I am enjoying my holiday relaxing and perusing a bunch of creative sites that are new to me. One in particular, I discovered through a dear friend of mine. She has launched a project on kickstarter. She redesigned the contact lens case in an absolutely beautiful way. Her video is below. This is the first I've heard of kickstarter, but I was immediately hooked. There are so many fascinating projects on the site, and I think it is so inspiring that friends and strangers are able to come together to help support the goals of one person. I don't wear contacts, but Ryno does. I've placed a pledge, and I'm excited to be getting a case for him. Just to be rid of the sound that those plastic tops on contact cases make would be reason enough, but it's also beautiful and so classically Bev. I can't wait to get ours!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

i heart apple

Our old mac went the way of the dodo bird, and today our new, lovely computer arrived. I plan to spend some of my holiday reveling in its shininess. I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends!

Monday, November 21, 2011

weekend bike rides

Ryno and I took our bikes over to East Austin for the last weekend of studio tours. It was fun to bike around together and check out some more spaces. I really loved Big Red Sun & Curiosity Shoppe. They both had great spaces that were fun to wander through. Sunday we worked on our Christmas card...hopefully will have something to share from that soon! Hope you all had a great weekend too!

Friday, November 18, 2011

city and colour

I'm finally back with a Friday music post. I am so last minute with things, so when we have people come in to town I tend to still be straightening up until the doorbell rings. It's a bad habit and results in me missing my time here.

Anyway, I'm excited to share the song The Girl by City and Colour today. I've become a bit obsessed with their Bring Me Your Love album, and I think the cover is really well done too. I hope you enjoy it. We are visiting with some friends this weekend in Austin and checking out the studio tours... of course!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

dooter's trunk

Ryno and I had so much fun last weekend at East Austin Studio Tours, and we are planning to go back this weekend on bikes. I am already working on planning our route. Last weekend we were able to chat with some of the artists, and we both thought Dooter's Scooter by the company Dooter's Trunk was a brilliant idea. They make the only balance bike made in the US. The concept is that kids can learn to ride a bike at their own pace. They start by pushing themselves on the bike and eventually grow to balancing and coasting on it. As someone that remembers the fear of learning to ride a bike, this seems like such a great way to ease into the idea of balancing on two wheels. Plus they are really lovely looking. The wooden frame and sweet logo drew me in immediately. Wouldn't this be a fun first bike?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

pretty paper goods

Today I thought I would share my favorite letterpress sources for the holidays. I am in decoration buying mode, and I tend to go a bit overboard on decorative gift tags and stationary. I love to tie them on everything to add a sweet touch to gifts. Aren't the little soldier tags from Rifle Paper Co. adorable? The box set is from Pancake & Franks. I bought the "Everyday Box Set" last year and send cards from it for special occasions. The Boston Terrier Santa card is by Paper-Source and is totally sweet! Do you have your holiday cards yet? Ryno and I are working on making our cards for this year. I'm very excited about them and hope to share photos soon!




Monday, November 14, 2011

east austin studio tours

We had friends visiting us in Austin this weekend. Saturday we went to the East Austin Studio Tours followed by Contigo for drinks and dinner. I was excited to try out Contigo, and the atmosphere didn't disappoint. It was the perfect day to sit outside and enjoy the weather. Sunday we drove out to Lake Travis to check out the view before they headed home. It was so nice to have them come see us, and we are looking forward to visiting them soon!

Also, today Elton got a surprise in the mail for Halloween (it arrived a little late), but he loved it a lot!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

ramblin reck

Tonight we watched the Virginia Tech vs Georgia Tech football game at a bar in Austin. It is becoming somewhat of a tradition of ours to meet up with our Virginia Tech friends and watch the game together. Unfortunately, we have lost both years we've had this get together, but it's still a lot of fun!
2007 ACC Championship game

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

like crazy

Have you seen the trailer for Like Crazy? After seeing it I went immediately to their site to find out more. It looks like a beautiful film, and having gone through over a year of long distance with Ryno when we were first dating I really relate to the story (at least what you get from the trailer). It is releasing in one theater in Austin Friday, and I hope we can go see it on a date night soon! I am absolutely in love with the story so far!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the little elves

Ryno and I had a fun weekend working on some projects at home. We are trying to start preparing for the holidays even though it still seems a little early. It's our first time to host a holiday at our place, so I am working on pulling together all the necessary decorations. Also, we are making a few things ourselves to add a little handmade touch. I will share photos once we have completed some projects.

As for today, it rained a lot here, which was pretty amazing. By the afternoon the skies were clear and the sun was out. I sat outside and caught up on a few things while Elton ran around in the yard. I took some photos of him, but they aren't cooperating. So I'm going to share a few of his puppy photos instead. I have plenty of those, and they are always adorable!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

birthday friday

We've had a week full of birthdays. Last night we went out to celebrate Ryno's brother's birthday at Rio Rita's on E. 6th. Our friends stopped by our place with their Boston Terrier, Honey, so the two pups could stay entertained while we were all out celebrating. Our friends both had a birthday that week, so it was a group birthday celebration. We had a lot of fun, and it was great to celebrate with everyone. Also, when we arrived home the dogs were tuckered out from playing all night and eager to get to bed.

Happy Birthday Rob!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

lessons from my dad

Today I was telling a story at work about learning to drive, and I remembered some of the lessons I had from my dad. In Illinois, where I was learning to drive, they required a lot of hours in the car with an adult, so both of my parents got to trade off in taking me out on the road. Mom spent a lot of time using an imaginary break, but my dad took another approach. He would have me drive out to my school parking lot on the weekends and practice what to do when I hit patches of ice. Basically, I would lose control of the car and it was meant to teach me to stay calm in those situations. He would also have me edge to the shoulder of the road and told me to say when I was about to reach the white line. Lots of the lessons revolved around learning to drive based on good instincts and paying attention to the feel of the vehicle. I know it was a great method for me, and I learned a lot from his thought out lesson plans. Still it is funny to think about being a teenager and having your dad say "Okay, today let's find some ice to slide on."

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November...oh my

It's amazing that November is already here. I feel like I am always in such anticipation of Halloween I forget that November immediately follows bringing with it the start of the holidays. I am excited for the holidays and ready for Ryno and I to have our first tree this year. I have even started my holiday shopping already, which is  big since I tend to push that back a lot.

Here is our Thanksgiving from a couple of years ago. I love this shot
because no one realized the photo was being taken. I feel like it's so
rare to come across a true candid shot.