Tuesday, October 30, 2012

le parfait

Ryno and I stopped by the Container Store this weekend. It's a favorite of mine, and I could easily be there for hours. One of my big obsessions is their mason jar selection. I particularly love the French brand Le Parfait. I bought one of their Super Jars this weekend for our sugar. Next on my glass jar wish list is the Vintage Milk Glass Bottle and the Hermetic Glass Bottle.

le parfait

vintage milk bottle

Monday, October 29, 2012

utah wedding

In early September, I posted about the week vacation we spent in Utah for our friend's wedding. Peter & Matt were married on a gorgeous lookout point at Park City Mountain Resort. We had such a great weekend, and the entire wedding was so beautiful. Ryno and I didn't take any photos after we left Salt Lake City; I still really can't explain what we were thinking. Fortunately, our friend, Erin Cordell, took some gorgeous photos of all the weekend festivities, and she was sweet enough to let me share them here. I hope you all enjoy them. Thanks again Erin!

all photos by Erin Cordell

matt & peter

ryan, me, greg & tanner: taking the lift up to the wedding

erin & tanner: waiting to take the alpine slide down from the wedding

ryan and me: they gave out white umbrellas!

Friday, October 26, 2012

say anything

Tristan Prettyman's album Twentythree has popped up a couple of times on my Pandora reminding me that I love her song "Simple." I was looking for a video of it to share when I saw she just released a new album on October 2nd. Today, I'm sharing "Say Anything" with you for your weekend. Have a great weekend and happy birthday to my mother-in-law!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Elton gets a hoodie

new hoodie

It was so nice this weekend with some cooler air pushing through. A couple years ago Elton outgrew his Winter coat, so this Fall I decided we would need to upgrade his outerwear. Yes, I bought him a hoodie! Surprisingly, he doesn't hate it. He did look a little perturbed when I snapped a photo of him in it. Also, not only is there a hood, but it has a pocket on his back. Doesn't he look like a young adult?

puppy jacket

Friday, October 19, 2012

hey mrs potter

Ryno and I have been trying to sort through all of our boxes from moving. It's been a year since we sold our house and moved everything from Alabama, so I'm really at a point where I want to be more organized. During this process, I found some old cd's, one in particular that I made the week Ryno and I started dating. My favorite song on it is Mrs. Potters Lullaby by Counting Crows...so GOOD! I've been playing it non-stop, so I thought I would share it knowing I'll be listening to it all weekend. Plus you have to love a good 90's video. Have a great weekend, I'm off to try on more bridesmaid dresses!

ps- favorite lines:
"There is a piece of Maria in every song that I sing"
"When I see you a blanket of stars covers me in my bed"

Thursday, October 18, 2012

american books

Back in September my sister sent me a link to an exhibition at The Library of Congress. The exhibition titled Books That Shaped America has passed now, but you can still look online at the pieces that were included. The purpose was to display books by American authors that have impacted Americans or influenced our perception of American life. The books included date from 1750 to 2002, and I enjoyed flipping through the titles. I noticed a few from high school English that were never a favorite of mine, however, I also came across a few titles I've added to my list to read. I think it's nice they included descriptions of the individual importance for every book. What books do you feel most shaped America? My favorite book from the list has to be Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
F. Scott Fitzgerald: source


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

going greek

Last year Ryno and I received a stay at a local resort. It was so fun, and one of the best parts to me was the breakfast included in our stay. The dining room looked out into a wooded hillside, and it was packed with the most delicious spread of breakfast creations. One of the treats Ryno picked towards the end of our feast of pancakes, eggs and salmon bagels was a yogurt parfait. I would never make such a sensible choice. In fact, until that moment, I don't think I had ever had yogurt parfait. Yogurt, yes. Parfait, no. Turns out I like it very much, and since that day I've been wanting to recreate it for my morning breakfast. This week I bought Greek yogurt for my parfait base. I also mixed in honey, blueberries and granola. Unfortunately, it turns out I don't like Greek yogurt at all, not even a little. I've determined that I am going to like it, and my plan is to find recipes to incorporate it into until I like it. Here are a couple on my pinterest to try.

Greek Yogurt Dip via Jayesel
photo via jaysel

Honey Yogurt Berry Pops via joylicious
photo via joylicious

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

friends & photographs

Lisa & me in Italy during college

Our friends Lisa & Robby were visiting us in Austin this weekend from Houston. Lisa and I met when we studied abroad in college. We also road-tripped to watch Georgia Tech play in the Final Four in San Antonio. After that we lived together for a little over a year in North Carolina. We've been all over the country and most of Europe together, and now we are both in Texas together. It's been so much fun having them so close to us, even though we don't get together quite as often as we would like.

I really enjoyed the weekend, because I played engagement photographer and dress up, trying on a bunch of gorgeous dresses. We planned this weekend with the goal of knocking out a few of the "to-do's" on their wedding list. Lisa wanted to get a photo for their save-the-date card, and she also wanted to find bridesmaid dresses. We managed to get a nice engagement photo for them, but the dress still needs to be finalized. I wanted to share some of the photos we took with you and maybe a dress photo or two!

ps- I don't want to steal their save-the-date thunder, so I didn't include the photo they will use. I will share it once it's printed!

Our Monique Lhullier session...

Friday, October 12, 2012

the band perry

It's Friday! I'm excited to relax and hang out with Ryno tonight. We have friends coming in town tomorrow for a visit, and we're going to do a little photo shoot with them. I'm excited to scout out some locations, and I hope I can pull out some of my college photography skills.

I've been wanting to share The Band Perry for awhile. I like their music, but I was looking for a video that was a little more toned down. I think this cut of "All Your Life" is simple and well made. Hope you enjoy and have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

20 years

Yesterday, I mentioned I've been a bit out of it, but I didn't realize how much I missed until I caught up on my google reader stories. I watched the Presidential debate last week, and I heard President Obama wish Michelle a happy anniversary. However, I completely missed the video his campaign put out to celebrate their day; it's Adorable with a capital "A." I understand it's a political video, but all they have accomplished as a couple in their 20 years is certainly something to celebrate. Also, I love the styling of the video. The large wooden booth they sit in sharing sundaes is so perfectly Washington, D.C.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

hot chocolate

Belgian hot chocolate to be exact...

At the end of last week I noticed I wasn't feeling up to my best and by the weekend I was completely under the weather. I missed work yesterday and fought through it today. Therefore, I don't have much to share from our weekend. Ryno cheered for his beloved Reds during their two games against the Giants this weekend, and I either slept or watched rom-coms.

As for the hot chocolate, it's one of two things I want when I'm ill, the other is grilled cheese. I requested both from Ryno this weekend, and I found this recipe for Belgian hot chocolate that he (very sweetly) made for me. I know for certain hot chocolate is not the healthiest thing to have when your sick, but to me it's a fun treat and the warm milk soothes my throat. What do you love when you're not feeling your best?


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

for him

One of my favorite Pinterest boards is the one labeled "for him." I love shopping men's style, and I enjoy putting together inspiration that I think fits Ryno's style and personality. Today, I thought I would share a couple of pins I pulled for him.



Monday, October 1, 2012

weekend festivities

We kicked off the weekend with a friend's backyard dinner party. Then Saturday we attended a birthday celebration before heading downtown for the Jackie Greene show at The Parish. It was a really great show with a fun crowd. Jackie jumped between guitar, organ and harmonica. His organ playing was really impressive and not something you see every day, which made me appreciate it even more. He said a couple of times during the show that they would be returning to Texas soon; I'll definitely be keeping a look out for their next Austin performance.