Tuesday, August 29, 2017

two years later

I should probably start by apologizing for taking a two year break. It was completely unplanned, and a result of us having a baby! When I got pregnant I was uncertain of how I wanted to handle that here, since this space was always meant to be a collection of inspiration as well as a way to share some about our lives. The past two years gave me time to realize I'd like to respect my babes' privacy for now. I'm hoping to continue posting with a bit more frequency (no more two year hiatuses), but the content will likely stay inspiration and design based.

All of that said, the reason I felt the need to share here today was to talk about Hurricane Harvey. We spent the weekend inside keeping an eye on the weather and worrying for our friends in Houston. Besides a roof leak our friends missed the terrible flooding and devastation others experienced. I've been pulling together items around our home to distribute to local charities bringing supplies to Houston to help the people there. We also donated to the Texas Diaper Bank, which I think is such a great charity. I can't imagine worrying about needing diapers when there is so much else to deal with. I've seen lots of other Austinites looking for where they can donate or help out in some way, so I thought I would share the lists I've found the most useful. The Austin Disaster Relief Network is taking donations and has a list of items they need. Austin Monthly and KUT compiled lists with ways you can help and places you can donate. All Texas Freebirds World Burrito locations (not including Houston locations) are taking canned food and bottled water. HEB grocery stores are accepting monetary donations at check out, and Community Impact created a list of restaurants donating profits to the relief effort. If you know of any additional resources feel free to add them to the comments below.